13 Moons


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Tuotenumero: MMP01000
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    Julkaisupäivä 02.12.2024

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    A celestial game of strategy and moonlight! 13 Moons is a rummy-style card game that invites you to befriend the moon. Combine lunar phases and events in this effortlessly educational and timeless game. The card values change in sync with the actual moon, revealing a different bonus card almost every time you play. In addition to 13 Moons, the 52-card lunar deck can be used with younger children for a game of Memory or Go Fish. The 13 Glossary cards serve as a visual reminder of the current moon phase and add an optional educational and conversational element to the game, bringing more depth and connection. Before you know it, you'll be planning your game nights around the rhythm of the moon!

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