Exalted Funeral

Mörk Borg & Troika RPG Operation SANTA

Cast away your pathetic, childish fantasies; this is no winter wonderland.
There are no toys here, no candy, no songs about tinsel and joy.
This is a harsh, bleak wasteland of chemical spills, centuries-long elvish serfdom and utterly absent hope.
This is a land where the bells don’t jingle. They toll.


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Tuotenumero: CML002

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    Now, no one expected a vast Tyrannosaurus Rex to appear in the middle of the village.

    Nor did they expect you, you of all creatures, to try to slay the terrible beast.

    But here we are.

    Okay. So what's the catch?

    The T-Rex is monumentally huge.

    Unrealistically so.

    It’s so big that your only hope, if you wish to defeat it, is to fight the monster from the inside.

    Sorry, what actually is this?

    Tyrannosaur Inside is a role-play adventure, in an A5 sized full colour printed booklet. It contains fully illustrated, lovingly laid out pages that set a madcap adventure inside a unthinkable Cretaceous monster.

    The game is designed for a GM to run with minimal preparation, for a group of pretty much any size. (We’ve played it solo and that was pretty fun too).

    Created by Christopher Lowry

    Additional contributors: Chris Bissette, Dave Emmerson, Gareth Hanrahan, Grant Howitt.

    40 pages, A5, saddle-stitch zine, color throughout.

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